Get verified by DermaVeritas™ to gain the trust of your users that your product is good for skin health.


Products that are eligible to apply for DermaVeritas fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • Products that touch or is absorbed by skin such as cosmetics, skincare products or fabrics.
  • Products who want to claim they are good for your skin

Verification PROCESS

Independent Test Verification

Companies that are serious about their product’s effect on consumers' health usually contract independent laboratories and scientists to verify their products. Our Quality Management experts evaluate their testing methods, results and applicable certifications.

1. Sensitive Skin Test: Products should go through standardized skin test with sensitive skin in order to see if product causes sensitive skin to react.

2. Use Test: The Use Test resembles the intended usage by the consumer in at-home environment. A specialist assesses the skin status before and after the usage period.

If you do not have these tests, we can help. Click here to find out more.


We verify that the product’s ingredients are not a common harmful substance to skin and does not have hidden ingredients.

Marketing Claims Review

Product marketing claims are reviewed by legal and compliance experts to ensure they accurately represent what the product can (and cannot) do and that the claims are backed up by reputable sources.


1. DermaVeritas certification is valid for two years.

2. During the renewal time period, our team will audit product ingredient list and marketing claims.


Sensitive Skin Test

If you need your product to be tested for skin, Dermaveritas can run and conduct the skin sensitivity test. Email for additional pricing.

Use Test

If you need your product tested by users with sensitive skin, Dermaveritas can run and conduct the usage test. Email for additional pricing.


To learn more about our certification process and other services, please email

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