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What is
A non – profit organization which focuses on creating transparency and clarity for consumers to understand what products are good for skin.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body—it contains several types of tissues, and a membrane; it also envelops the entire body. It provides protection against (variations of) extreme temperatures of hot and cold, and harmful substances, such as chemicals, germs, microorganisms, radiation and toxins.

Given the importance of the skin’s various functions, our team draws on medical expertise, technical know-how and resources to offer extensive dermatological safety checks and balances to businesses.

In addition, a significant number of businesses have made dubious assertions in relation to the skincare products that they sell in advertisements displayed across a variety of mediums. is a proverbial skincare product ‘watchdog’ that serves 2 purposes. First, it ensures that the assertions these businesses make about their skincare products are objectively verifiable, through a series of science – based, quality assurance evaluations. Second, it conveys the verification of the products’ authenticity, fitness for purpose and overall safety with a distinguishable DermaVeritas™ Quality Seal, the appearance of which will enable customers to make informed choices regarding the skincare products they purchase and use.


Which businesses and products are eligible to benefit from’s services?
Any business which offer skincare products for sale to the general public is eligible to apply for the DermaVeritas™ Quality Seal. As for the skincare products themselves, we will scientifically review any which claim to perform better than others because of some characteristic, or which supposedly possess qualities that render them more favourable than comparable options. Examples of phrases which speak to such claims include “all – natural,” “chemical – free,” “dermatologist – tested,” “hypoallergenic” and “non – toxic.” If a skincare product is stamped with a DermaVeritas™ Quality Seal, it means we appraised the product methodically to confirm the claims behind it are legitimate.


What’s the significance of the DermaVeritas™ Quality Seal initiative?
DermaVeritas is essentially a 3rd party verification authority that ensures products perform as advertised with regard to skin.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), which is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. It protects and promotes public health through the control and supervision of animal foods, biopharmaceuticals, blood transfusions, dietary supplements, electromagnetic radiation emitting devices (ERED), medical devices, prescription and over – the – counter medications, tobacco products, vaccines and veterinary products. Yet, despite the critical role the FDA plays, it does not approve or certify any cosmetic or skincare product.

In the absence of such administrative oversight, businesses can set their own definitions for the phrases they use to market their skin products (including those mentioned in this FAQs previously). If a claim for a skincare product can mean whatever the business distributing it wants it to mean, this can only work to the consumer’s disadvantage. That is why we do what we do: to safeguard people against skincare products of spurious effectiveness.


How does a skincare product receive the DermaVeritas™ Quality Seal?
Businesses which sell skincare products must truthfully complete and submit answers to a standardized application — the answers must offer detailed information pertaining to each product sold to the public under their brand. This information must generally conform to:

  • DermaVeritas’s exacting biomedical, ethical, professional and scientific standards;
  • The guidelines and directives established by global health agencies such as Food & Drug Administration, International Agency on Research for Cancer, International Fragrance Association and National Toxicology Program;
  • The skincare product’s actual characteristics and effectiveness, relative to the claims made by the business distributing the product in relation to the same.


Can any product brand receive the DermaVeritas™ Quality Seal?
Our Seal certification varies from product to product — there is never a guarantee of success.


Can the DermaVeritas™ Quality Seal be removed from a product bearing it?
Yes — we assess skincare products at least once annually to ensure that our strict criteria are being followed constantly and fully. If we find that they are not, the seal is rescinded.


Does DermaVeritas perform product testing?
DermaVeritas is not a clinical, laboratory or scientific testing facility — we assess information submitted to us by the businesses who are desirous of having the DermaVeritas™ Quality Seal of approval affixed to their skincare products.

If a product would like to use our additional services, while we do not perform tests ourselves, we partner with labs nationwide to perform the necessary tests.


Are all skincare products eligible for DermaVeritas certification?
No. Please note the product eligibility requirements listed below.


Can I file a complaint against a product bearing the DermaVeritas™ Quality Seal?
Absolutely. We handle all such complaints with the utmost seriousness. If you have a complaint, you can confidentially outline it in an email and send it to We promise your complaint will receive the attention it deserves.